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Success has been our investment and commitment to having the best technicians. We search far and wide to make sure that anyone touching your car is highly trained, qualified and fits the standard making us best auto body shop in the area. "This place is amazing! Very trustworthy and honest" Say our Customers At our auto body repair facility, we have the most up to date vehicle repair equipment to bring you the highest-quality workmanship that was can. We are able to meet and exceed the manufacturer factory specification for collision repair thanks to our advanced equipment. With our top-of-the-line paint equipment, every paint job that we work on in our facility comes with a lifetime guarantee. We know we are the best collision repair shop. Which is why we stand behind the work that we provide.We pride our auto repair shop on having the best customer service in the industry. Our customer concierge service is here to conveniently aid you in all aspects of the automotive repair process.Our collision repair facility has the best body shop reviews. We provide body shop shuttle to home or work, car rental service, flatbed towing, and after hours contact. For minor damage, we provide express three-day turnaround for fast collision repair for customers who choose not to go through insurance. Our body shop is not limited to collision repair. We also offer professional Auto Spa detailing , contact us now for our auto detail prices. 
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RV collision repair
 RV Paint Department motorhome fleet rv trailer repair service paint collision has been the industry leader in motorhomes, RVs and bus repair painting for over thirty years. We have a group of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing your vehicle with the ultimate automotive finish. We treat each vehicle like our own. We take pride in the reputation that we have built for consistent quality workmanship that is well known throughout the industry. Our use of cutting edge paint technologies have made us the best paint design team in the industry. Our distinctive paint designs are commonly seen on RVs, buses, trucks and the most luxurious motorcoaches around the world. 

 Clear Coat RV Auto Body and Collision has an expert RV Paint Department collision repair team to ensure you a superior quality repair. Our meticulous attention to detail and innovative use of state-of-the-art technology enables us to produce the astounding quality paint finishes that will meet your personal expectations. Our final product is always regarded to be both unique and stunning. The incredible achievement from our workers, you will not find a friendlier, more knowledgeable and professional staff elsewhere! California. It does not limit us to local residents. In fact, our customers range from east coast to west coast regardless of whether they are new or returning customers! Use US for all your Auto Body collision needs also. Cars trucks, Commercial Fleet trailers and box trucks, Body shop for Auto and RV . Our Auto collision Repair center can handle any job. Car bumper repairs, Plastic bumper repairs. 
Clear Coat Collision's RV Paint Department provides free 24/7 emergency accident assistance. We provide a free quote and a limited lifetime warranty on all RV collision repairs. 
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Our expert RV technicians can help you diagnose and repair both exterior and interior problems as well as provide regularly required annual maintenance to protect your investment.

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If you spend most of your RV time parked, then a slide out is the greatest invention to come down the pike.

On the other hand, if you’re more mobile, driving down the road every day or so, then there are a number of reasons to give slideouts a second thought. 

How to Repair an RV Slide Out

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How to Repair an RV Slide Out thumbnail

Slide outs add an extra room to RVs and campers.

RV slide outs add space and convenience to campers of all shapes and size. By and large, the mechanisms of slide outs are dependable and rather simple in terms of moving parts. The most common problem is with leaking around the top and sides. These are often relatively easy to fix. Mechanical, electrical or hydraulic problems are often quite a chore to repair. It could be as simple as replacing a fuse or repairing a wire. It could be as complex as having to replace or overhaul a hydraulic system

Check for simple and easy solutions before you do anything else. Remove any slide locks. Closely examine the entire area around your slide out, including underneath. Make sure that there is not some foreign object that is restricting its movement. Using a ladder, check the top of the slide and the roof and wall sections adjacent to it. The problem could be anything from mud, tree limbs, that beach towel you lost at the beach, or any number of things. Make sure that the entire area is free from any impediments, and that the slide out has the proper space to operate freely.

Turn on the slide out to see what is happening. If the motor is not working, you will not hear anything when you turn the switch on. Check to insure that you have electrical power to the camper. Make sure you have a power source, either plugged in or running on charged batteries. After confirming that there is electrical power, check the fuses. Refer to your owner's manual for specifics on your model. Check the switch visibly for any noticeable damage. Use a volt meter to check to see whether power is going to and from the switch. Check the wiring to the motor if there is still no motor operation. There could be a fuse in the electrical line going to the motor. If there is, be sure to check that fuse. If all the wiring is good but the motor is not working, the motor itself could be bad.

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Refer to your owner's manual to determine whether your slide out has a mechanical or a hydraulic system. Check the hydraulic fluid levels first if you have a hydraulic system. The problem could be as simple as low hydraulic fluid, though this is probably not likely, especially with a newer RV. You would likely have seen signs of leakage if this were the case. Inspect the hydraulic pumps, valves and hoses for any visual problems, leakage or damage. These can sometimes be complex to repair if you are not experienced and mechanically inclined. If you are not experienced with this type repair, you should probably give your RV shop a call.

Visually inspect the parts of a mechanical system. There could be a broken shear pin, a worn or broken gear or clutch. Once you identify a broken part, consult your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website, or call your local dealership on how to obtain and replace the part.

Visually locate any leaks and then determine the source of the leak. If the leak is a small one, a sealing tape might be all you need to fix it. You can find these tapes at your local RV supply store or online. Various other caulks and sealants can also be found there. If the leak is a big one or if the seal is in need of replacement, consider professional repair

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